Keep your deck fresh

Keep your game fresh while adding inches to your deck. Guaranteed.

Deck Enhancement is a 3rd party subscription to supplement your Cards Against Humanity™️ deck so the game stays fresh and fun. For less than the price of one of these things, you’ll receive 18 new cards each month and add nearly 3 inches (7 cm for the other 95% of the world) to your deck per year!

Deck Enhancements ship on the first day of every month.

Subscribe now for just $4/month (shipping is free within the US and $1 for everywhere else).

Building or updating a deck can boost the value of your home and provide a peaceful retreat.
— Consumer Reports (



 Deck Enhancement is not affiliated with Cards Against Humanity LLC. We love their game and we strongly recommend you buy it yourself here if you haven’t yet.
Like cheese on a hamberder, our cards are meant to add to and improve the overall experience.

If you need to contact us for any reason, feel free to email us.
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